"Whoever masters the art of the voice in magic holds the key to the universe in the hands."
-Book of Magic, p. 30 l. 3
Spellcasting is the art of casting spells. While every magician deals with at least one sacred language during his/her/its lifetime most will just see the shortcuts the language provides and do not bother looking further into the actual language and its backgrounds, even if the one is fluent in the said language(-s).

Spellcasting usually follows an approach of seven steps:

  1. Announcing your name through your own heritage
  2. Announcing the titles, epithets, and names of yourself
  3. Asking for an individual, individuals or any being(-s) or principalities to help you
  4. Citing the planned actions to take place in present form
  5. Denouncing your own existence in the face of the helpful spirit
  6. Saying farewell to the being(-s) summoned (Does not happen when summoning a principality)
  7. Final thank

All of these serve a respectful relationship with whatever you conjure up during your spell.

Casting a Spell

As stated above its a process that requires multiple steps and this serves as a closer explanation as to how and why something should be done. When attempting to cast a spell you need to have everything worked out in your head. Everything, every breath you are about to take needs to be formed in your mind before being spoken out.

Step 1

The announcement of the own name through the legacy is used to draw attention to spirits nearby. Names have a natural power to them and when speaking names other spirits know, you draw attention to you. Also naming the parents and parents of your parents is a nice way of honoring them as they will watch over you while casting the spell. Also when naming the chain of ancestry you conjure up the power of these lives, or at least what remained of it on Gaiga. Example:

"I'm [INSERT NAME], son / daughter / descendant of [INSER PARENT'S NAME], who is also known as [INSERT PARTENT'S TITLES] and [INSERT NAME OF OTHER PARENT], who came known to the world as [INSERT OTHER PARENT'S TITLES], who was born by [INSERT NAME OF PARANT'S PARENTS], who became [TITLES OF PARENT'S PARENTS]..."

Step two

The Announcements of the titles wieled by yourself is the next impotant factor when it comes to