The Spaceborn were created by IT during the Creation of the Cosmos and were given the task to create homes in the Above for themselves and so they created the bodies of the solar system, from the sun to the farthest planet. After this they were commanded to create a world, unifying their beautiful minds and they created Gaiga.

Creation and actions

The Spaceborn were created from the energy of IT and are thoughts and feelings of IT. They are part of IT and they are a connection to IT. When IT created the cosmos, it wanted to dream a world and of its dream, the Spaceborn came and it commanded them to test their potential and they were told to make homes and worlds and they took their time and created the planets that roam space. Every world was designed by the specific Spaceborn and all of them made companions for their planets and lived with them. After each found their place in the cosmic order, IT commanded them to unite their forces and shape a world that is the culmination and most beautiful of all their creations and so they worked together and created what later was called Gaiga.