Lamassuri (sg. "Lamassu") are celestial beings who exist as long as the stars have existed. Even closer, they are the twelve Zodiaci (sg. Zodiac) alive.

The Lamassuri were created by Fyr as defenders and protectors. Created from the light emitted by the twelve heavenly constellations, the Lamassuri are each a constellation of stars and have the power of them within them.

Lamassuri have the body of a bull, the wings of a swan, six Lamassuri of a white swan and six Lamassuri of a black swan, and the head of their Zodiac and antlers like a stag.

Every planet is protected by a Lamassu, except Gaiga. Gaiga is protected by two, who watch over the southern and the northern hemisphere of Gaiga.

Usually, the Lamassuri stay away from fighting in the Wars, however, during the War of Wrath, the Lamassu of the south rescued the Prince of the Anubi.

Not only are the Lamassu the power keepers of the might of stars, but they also hold the power of their respective planet within them after Fyr assigned them to their planets. ☿Lamassu strikes with lightning close to the power of ☿ itself, ♂Lamassu's fire can burn infinitely and ♆Lamassu is capable of creating an ocean from the light of stars, just to name some examples of their strength.

The lamassu that was assigned to ♇ became violent against the cosmos when the War of Chaos broke out and supported ♇ during the War. However, the ♇Lamassu was calmed down by the other Lamassuri after they sealed it within the below. The remaining eleven Lamassuri questioned it so long until it remembered its origin and it's task so that it regained its original state of mind. During the war, ♇Lamassu was a destructive beast that cost the life of several moons and other cosmic entities. Only after the other Lamassuri came with an army of Malaci, they were able to defeat and stun ♇Lamassu.

The interrogation resulted in the fact, that ♇lamassu solely became corrupted and not destroyed and reshaped, so the process was able to be reversed and ♇Lamassu came back to its roots. A protector and defender of the cosmos.