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Below Welcome to the Gaiga Wiki Above


Hello, my name is Gaigaborn and welcome to the Gaigapedia, a Wikipedia devoted to explaining the fictional universe of Gaiga. This Wiki contains everything about the world of Gaiga going into countries, regions, locations, races, characters, artifacts and the likes of Gaiga, but it won't be restricted to that, as it will also explain things from the Above, the heaven, if you will, of Gaiga and the Below, the hell like dimension and perhaps it'll even cover some stuff that is definitely not from the cosmos in which all things play out...?

What is Gaiga all about?

Well, Gaiga itself is only part of a way greater universe that is called the "Above". Imagine it like an alternate evolution to the development of our universe, in which forces and elements manifested in conscious form. It is a very special way of development, as the forces of order, consisting of Celestials and Spaceborn are in constant battle against the Chaos Invaders that try to annihilate the entire cosmos by not killing but terminating all consciousness found in the vastness of the universe. Many are defeated before they even enter the cosmos, even less come even close to the realms in the Above and even less are able to approach the planet Gaiga, but sometimes they slip through the barrier and land on Gaiga. But the great struggles are fought in space, where the stars, planets, moons, and comets fight against the terrors and horrors that come from their Black Hole portals and try to send them back to the all surrounding void that is the Beyond. Having fought many wars the Spaceborn created a dimension themselves as a prison for many enemies that are bod to the cosmos, but can't be let loose or else the destruction would be unbearable. This prison dimension is the Below and even its chains are not almighty and sometimes beings break through the walls that were raised to prevent these happenings. So Gaiga is sometimes terrorized by these monsters that were sentenced to eternal imprisonment for their cruel nature and villainy.

But all that goes unnoticed by most of the people that live on, under and on the planet Gaiga. Many bonds formed in the hundred of thousand-year-old history of life on the planet and many of these were broken in wars and fights that shaped the history of the beautiful planet that is the culmination of the Spaceborn's work. Civilisations thrive on the various continents and diverse ocean races established cities on the ocean's floor. Even the Sky holds many islands on which the races of the wind were lifted up. Gaiga is a beautiful place to explore...

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