Fyr is a very special cosmic spirit of an unknown rank that was created by the Chaosborn that created the solar system. Fyr was created when the Creation of Gaiga was completed and is considered by the Celestials as the protector of the culmination of the Spaceborn's work, the planet Gaiga. Fyr's looks are never mentioned in any of the cosmic scriptures and aside from the spaceborn, he wasn't seen by any other beings and they only described them as a white fire that created a shield around Gaiga and then went into the heart of the planet it was meant to protect. What also happened at the time the shield was created by Fyr's command was the creation of the Lamassuri. While the stars themselves are way older than the planet, it was only when Fyr's white fire veiled Gaiga that the stars became a form in the image of the Lamassuri.

It was only once in all of history that Fyr exited the Heart of Gaiga and went to battle with a Chaos Invader that came too close to Gaiga and even reached its surface. Fyr, in a restrained humanlike form burst from underground the surface of Gaiga and challenged the being. Those who witnessed the battle described it as a fight between an all black tornado and a man of white skin color, with white hair and a white blade made from what seemed to be ivory engraved with gold and silver. The battle lasted quite a while and many spells were cast by the man until finally the creature that seemed to absorb both the light and air around it was defeated and pierced by the man whose sword glowed up in ominous colors and the Invader after releasing a final roar vanished from the face of Gaiga.

These are the only instanced of which we have information about Fyr.