Element temples are buildings that serve a teaching role in elemental magic. Usually built by Grandmasters they are a school for all kinds of prospective Elementari. While it is a common standard that such temple schools only focus on one element and are completely devoted to it, some exist that teach dual elemental arts.

Temple kinds

Each element has at least one temple school on every continent of Gaiga and this was made to assure that no one who feels drawn towards an element needs to completely abandon their home completely.

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Usually, the hierarchy in an element temple is very strict and you need to master certain arts and have tests to pass to rise in the ranks of elemental mastery. Everyone who is part of a temple takes part in ceremonies and rituals when someone or a group ascends.


The lowest of all ranks and achieved by your first month in the temple school. It is the level given to all student


The rank that is given to someone who has spent one year in the temple school and is capable of rough understanding of the element he, she or it studies.


The rank that is given to someone who spent more than two years in a temple school and mastered the basic understanding of the element. From here there are the ranks of student Lv.3, Student Lv.4 and onwards which all are open to someone who has spent the years the level indicates and passed the tests necessary to advance to the next level. Usually, a star in the color of the element is attached to the school uniform if the temple school requires one or a strip is attached to a belt that is worn around the upper body.


A rank that can be accessed at any moment after having ascended to Student Lv.10. The requirements to reach that level is a month of constant testing in the practical, theoretical and philosophical understanding of the element in question and a week of practical teaching in which a higher ranking teacher tests your ability to explain the techniques and spells to people which are unfamiliar with them. These are usually students under the fourth level or even disciples. The ascending ceremony is celebrated with a two-day party of their friends and comrades.