There are many drinks in Gaiga, the offer varying from continent to continent and country to country, even city to city as many plants are natural sources of liquid are special to one specific area or place and thus only there drinks from said liquids can be produced.

They are divided by definition into two major categories of which follow two subcategories, those are:

  • Natural Liquids
    • Common Liquids
    • Crafted Liquids
  • Unnatural Liquids
    • Potions
    • Elixirs

All of them vary in one way or another and set themselves apart from each other.

Common Liquids

"As an Common Liquid can be considered any fluid found as it is in nature, without it being heated or cooled. Juices of plants are an exception as there is usually no way of finding said juice in nature by itself, but need special treatment is required to extract it."
-Book of Medicine, p. 45 l. 2ff

To the Common Liquid count the various enchanted springs and fountains that existed by nature or were created by spirits, but no source of fluid created by a material being. To the Common Liquid count:

  • Lava
  • Water
    • Common water
      • Rainwater
      • Salt Water
      • Fresh Water
    • Sacred waters
      • Solar Water SolarWater03
      • Lunar Water LunarWater03
      • Star-blessed Water StarWater03
    • Mountain Spring Waters
      • Nisirian Mountain Spring Water
      • Nine Mountain Spring's Waters
        • Diamond Spring Water
        • Adamant Spring Water
        • Obsidian Spring Water
  • Cactus Juices
    • Catarian Cactus Juice
    • Dudaelian Cactus Juice
    • Strange Cactus Juice