The Cave of Origin is a mysterious place located in the forest that dwells at the foot of the mountain Wanadina. It is considered a sacred place and no one is allowed to enter it, as it is guarded by spirits and whoever tries to come even close to the entrance will go missing.

However, due to the ancient human kings' writings in the excavated Ten Human Kingdoms, an image was able to be reconstructed,


The Cave lies on the southern point of the by the forest Agapa surrounded mountain Wanadina. Its entrance is hidden deep within and can only be accessed when knowing the route through the forest and never going away from the path. While it seems that the cave itself formed naturally, there is evidence that the cave's entrance has been modified by hand, or at least by magic.


The cave itself is perfectly dome-shaped and from its entrance, an about 2 x 2 x 20 meters long straightforward rectangular cuboid corridor leads towards the beginning of the dome.

The center floor of the dome bears a podium on which's left and right sides two pentagrams are embedded into the floor and which's points point towards the podium. The pentagrams themselves are encircled and their ten triangles are inscribed with symbols that later became the representative of the Ten human Kingdoms. The walls of the cave hold ten torch holders in which ten torches in different colors burn and never burn out.