CaBa (CaBa) is the driving force of all beings we consider alive by natural standards. The bare words can be translated to "Ca", meaning "soul" and "Ba" meaning "mind". The CaBa is created by the union and sharing of two different CaBa, which come together during the fertilization of the egg. If a material being is considered "conscious" by all means, it is impossible for it to lack either the Ca or the Ba, as only the combination of the beings Ca and Ba make its body truly alive. This reversely means that any material body lacking both of which is in fact, and without question, dead.

Ca (Ca)

The Ca is the part of you spirit duality that is made of feeling and emotion. The Ca makes a body able to feel the surrounding area and enables you to interact with the other conscious beings.

Ba (Ba)

The Ba is the part of your spirit duality that is made of thought and memory. The Ba makes a body able to remember and capable of thinking about the outside or inside world, however, this does not mean a body only inhabited by a Ba is able to interact with the outside world. The Ba basically makes the "I" of a person as the experience gained from thoughts over time and memory acquired is the foundation of our personal "I".

The strange case of the metal elves

Since a CaBa cannot be called into existence by inanimate objects, it is impossible for machines to create consciousness. A very important part of this observation is the tribe of the metal elves, which lived in the Clockwork Castle before it vanished from Gaiga's surface, as they are a mix between artificial intelligence combined with natural consciousness. They are capable of reproduction, as there were many machines resembling a child or teen, which did move and interact as if they inherit natural consciousness, however, due to every known type of metal being incapable of growth, it is a mystery as to how metal elves "grow up".