☉ is the spaceborn of the sun and its creator. From ☉ all sunlight reaches Gaiga and into other realms.

☉ created the ☉Malaci, as created the ☽Malaci, long before Gaiga was created and when it came to creating a race of living beings, ☉ created the Faroni, the light-elves, from light and sent Micael to crown the first king of the light-elves.

☉ created the earthborn Micael, who has eight wings of sunlight and fire, to have a supreme leader of half the Army of Malaci.

☉ can, together with , be seen as the part of the great duality that represents light, good, healing, love, and the male aspect, as ☉ is, together with , the only spaceborn of an actual gender.

☉ was to be betrayed by , but found it out early and this started the War of Day and Night. When the War ended, ☉ sent to the Below (Fall of the Moon), into the deepest region, since the 9th Below was reserved for ♇, but it escaped.

After the War of Day and Night ☉ declared himself King of the Spaceborn and the others agreed and made him their leader and ruler.

☉ is the source of all light-magic, except you use practices, not from this cosmos...

It is ☉ who will, together with the then released , be the last survivors of the Cosmos. They will be annihilated last.

☉ fights at the Edges of the Cosmos against the Chaos Invaders.